Green Turquoise Code Talker Dog Tag

>>Green Turquoise Code Talker Dog Tag

Green Turquoise Code Talker Dog Tag


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Designed for a man or a woman this code talker necklace features a beautiful turquoise stone on one side and a hand stamped starry desert scene on the other.

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Handmade sterling silver rectangle pendant features a rope bezel trim and a hand stamped desert scene of cactus and stars.  The turquoise has a varied matrix with green, blue, brown, and black.  The pendant hangs from a stainless steel chain.

  • Turquoise cabochon-25mm X 35mm
  • Stainless Steel Chain-30 inches

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Weight 33.4 g
Dimensions 762 x 30.75 x 43 mm



Stainless Steel, Sterling Silver




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