Red Spiney Oyster Blossomcrown Heart Earrings

>>Red Spiney Oyster Blossomcrown Heart Earrings

Red Spiney Oyster Blossomcrown Heart Earrings


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These stunning custom designed earrings highlight red spiney oyster as the main stone with an intricate inlay pattern as the center of attention. A classic statement piece to dress up or down.

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Handmade sterling silver heart earrings is inlaid with red spiney oyster. The center of the inlay consists of sugilite, opal, orange spiney oyster, and gaspeite. The silver work a rope bezel trim, lacy edging, and embellished with hearts. The accent stones are faceted peridot and amethyst.

  • Red Spiney Oyster heart cabochons-19.5mm
  • Two faceted oval Peridot-8mm X 10mm
  • Eight faceted round Amethyst-4mm
  • Omega and Post Clips

Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 25 x 52 mm

Sterling Silver


Green, Red


Amethyst, Gaspeite, Opal, Orange Spiney Oyster, Peridot, Red Spiney Oyster, Sugilite


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